“The 8th Night” Movie Review

제8일의 밤 – The 8th NightKorea 2021, Kim Tae-Hyoung Lee Sung-Min – Park Jin-Soo / Seon-HwaNam Da-Reum – Cheong-SeokKim Yoo-Jung – Ae-Ran / Virgin ShamanPark Hae-Joon – Det. Kim Ho-Tae According to Buddhist legends, there once existed a monster that brought suffering to Buddha was finally able to stop and seal it away by hiding … Read more

“White Day / The Labyrinth” Movie Review

화이트데이: 부서진 결계 – White Day: Buseojin Gyeolgye(“White Day: Broken Barrier”)Korea 2021, Song Woon Chani – Lee Hee-MinPark Yoo-Na – Han So-YoungJang Somi – Yoo Ji-MinLee Hye-Ran – Kim Seong-Ah An adaptation of the horror game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. Hee-Min (Chani) just transferred to a new high school but has a hard … Read more

“Fearsome” Movie Review

피어썸 – FearsomeKorea 2021, Lee Sang-Hun Jo Dong-Hyuk – Seung-YeonBaro – Jae-HyukLim Young-Ju – Jun-HeeJang Seok-Hyun – Sung-Woon The lodging for a band on tour in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, turns out to be haunted. Band member Jae-Hyuk (Baro, formerly of B1A4) gets bad vibes from the house, he has seen it before somewhere. It soon … Read more

“The Closet” Movie Review

클로젯 – ClosetKorea 2020, Kim Kwang-Bin Ha Jeong-Woo – Sang-WonKim Nam-Gil – Heo Kyung-HoonHeo Yool – Ina Single parent Sang-Won moves into an isolated mansion in an attempt to reconnect with his little daughter Ina. At first scared of the old closet in her bedroom, Ina’s behavior gets more and more erratic after finding an … Read more

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