“The Complex” Movie Review

クロユリ団地 – Kuroyuri Danchi(“Kuroyuri Complex”)Japan 2013, Dir. Hideo Nakata Atsuko Maeda – Asuka NinomiyaHiroki Narimiya – Shinobu SasaharaKanau Tanaka – Minoru Time has stopped for the ghosts. Yours is moving forward. Nursing student Asuka (Atsuko Maeda, formerly of AKB48) moves into the run-down and allegedly haunted Kuroyuri apartment complex with her parents and her brother … Read more

“Suicide Forest Village” Movie Review

樹海村 – Jukai Mura(“Jukai / Sea of Trees Village”)Japan 2021, Dir. Takashi Shimizu Mayu Yamaguchi – MeiAnna Yamada – HibikiJun Kunimura – Mr. Iguchi Jukai Village is supposedly hidden inside the famous “suicide forest” of Aokigahara nearby Mt. Fuji, “jukai” (literally “sea of trees”) being another name for the place. It’s said that whoever ventures … Read more

“Howling Village” Movie Review

犬鳴村 – Inunaki Mura(“Inunaki Village”)Japan 2019, Dir. Takashi Shimizu Ayaka Miyoshi – KanadeRyota Bando – YumaTsuyoshi Furukawa – Kenji Inunaki village (literally “crying dog village”) is the subject of a famous urban legend, located in the mountain of Fukuoka Prefecture, that was supposedly flooded during a dam construction. When her brother Yuma disappears after a … Read more

“Samejima Incident” Movie Review

真・鮫島事件 – Shin・Samejima Jiken(“The True Samejima Incident”)Japan 2020, Dir. Jiro Nagae Rena Takeda – NanaGaku Sano – Masaki Sakurako Konishi – Fumi Nana and her high school friends Fumi, Suzu, Ayumi, Ryo and Yuki are holding an online meeting, but when one of them turns up dead, the remaining friends realize something is amiss. That … Read more

“Graveyard Apartment” Novel Review

On the upcoming movie adaptation of “Graveyard Apartment”. Does the 1988 horror novel make for good movie material? Last year word got out that Takashi Shimizu (of Ju-On fame) is working on a movie adaptation of “Graveyard Apartment”. The novel by popular mystery writer Mariko Koike (original title “The House Overlooking the Graveyard”) was first … Read more

“Stigmatized Properties” Movie Review

事故物件: 恐い間取り – Jiko Bukken: Kowai Madori(“Stigmatized Properties: Scary Spaces”)2020, Hideo Nakata Kayuza Kamenashi – Yamame YamanoKoji Seto – NakaiNao Honda – Azusa “Stigmatized properties” are houses where a murder, suicide, death or other unpleasant incident occurred, and are often considered to bring bad luck or even be haunted. After the breakup of his highly … Read more

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